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Broad Ripple survey - click to see larger image

Proof Positive
This copy of a surveyor's record made in 1878 shows definitely that Broad Ripple was originally located north of the canal and Wellington to the south of it.

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Cover and Forward
1878 Surveyor's Record of Broad Ripple (current page)
Chapter One - Coil Starts Settlement
Chapter Two - Ripple Linked To City
Chapter Three - Canal Creates Rivalry
Chapter Four - Villages Start Schools
Chapter Five - Religious Life Grows
Chapter Six - Social Life Develops
Chapter Seven - Canal Villages Thrive
Chapter Eight - Trolleys Aid Travel
Chapter Nine - Farmer Shakes Jail
Chapter Ten - Floods Ravage Town
Chapter Eleven - Park Attracts Visitors
Chapter Twelve - BRHS Joins City
Chapter Thirteen - City Annexes Village

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