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Street Name Changes

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Street Name Changes and house address changes

In creating this website of Broad Ripple history we discovered that there have been numerous street name changes and house renumberings over the years.

We did a considerable amount of research using old maps of Broad Ripple and City Directories to try to reconstruct the 1922 street names and addresses. This website is as close to accurate as we could get. We recognize that there are some inconsistancies that we could not explain.

This is an attempt to document some of the changes we discovered.

  • Bellefontaine is now Guilford south of Main and Cornell north of Main. The residents pronounced this street Bellfountain (as in water fountain).
  • Ashland is now Carrollton Avenue
  • What was Cornell north of Broad Ripple Ave in 1922 (and once Jefferson) is now Westfield Boulevard heading north.
  • Cornell south of Broad Ripple Ave is now Winthrop.
  • Day is now 63rd Place.
  • Light is now Coil.
  • Hancock is now Westfield.
  • Coil has been in three places over the years.
  • Rivera (or Riviera) is now Westfield. This last little piece of it existed east of Winthrop in the parking lot of NetHeads and McDonalds, heading back to Applebee's.
  • 65th Street west of College is now 66th Street. This caused the renumbering of the College addresses from 65xx to 66xx.
  • The 6300 block of Bellefontaine has been renumbered in such a way that we were unable to determine the 1922 numbering even with the period city directory listing.
  • The houses on the east side of College around 64rd street were not on College, but on a kind of an alley to the east. This may have been due to the Interurban that ran up College. About three of the old houses are still there behind some businesses on College.
  • Many addresses are simply gone. This is not due to razing but due to renumbering. For example, looking for 5424 and the closely built houses are numbered 5422 then 5428.
  • 66th Street was Pursel Street (According to plat map)
  • Carrollton Avenue north of canal was Jackson (According to plat map)


Carrollton Avenue
was Ashland

Westfield Boulevard
was Riviera
was Hancock

Guilford Avenue
was Bellefontaine

Broad Ripple Avenue
was 63rd Street
was Shelby Street

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