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Chapter Twelve - Errata

‘49-50 Brings New Unit and New Principal

Two astute readers of the Broad Ripple Gazette noticed an error in Chapter 12. This mistake, stating K. V. Ammerman’s retirement year as 1959 instead of 1949, was in the original printing. The event was long before my time, so I would never have caught it. Vern Mabrey, class of 1950, loaned the Gazette his senior class yearbook. I have reprinted the story of K. V. Ammerman’s retirement.

The school year 1949-1950 was one of growth, change, and development at Broad Ripple. A new 21-room addition to the building was opened. Crowded conditions brought about by the rapid growth of Indianapolis’ far north section made this addition necessary. Total cost of this new east wing was $757,000 plus approximately $60,000 in equipment. Broad Ripple’s addition had to share the spotlight, for along with it came a new principal, Mr. J. Fred Murphy. He is shown at left with Mr. K. V. Ammerman, retired principal, Mr. Murphy has been in the educational field since 1929, and has been on the staff of the city schools for 14 years. Before becoming head man here, Mr. Murphy served as assistant superintendent of Indianapolis public schools and head of the department of counseling. Mr. Ammerman, who made Ripple the institution it is today, preceded Mr. Murphy as principal. In 1923 Mr. Ammerman came to this school from Emmerich Manual Training High School. He retired in September, 1949, after 26 years of service. Dedication exercises for the new unit were held on October 5, 1949, with Principal Murphy formally accepting the building from Mr. Ammerman. Talks were given by representatives of the Board of School Commissioners and by Mr. Virgil Stinebaugh, superintendent of Indianapolis public schools.

Principal Murphy
In the picture above, Mr. Murphy is shown conferring with some of his assistants. Left to right are Mr. Hubert L. Wann, dean of boys; Mr. C. Edgar Stahl, vice-principal; Principal Murphy; Mr. Harold K. Harding, vice-principal; and Miss Ruth B. Carter, dean of girls.

Karl Ammerman
K. V. Ammerman (left) shakes hands with incoming principal J. Fred Murphy.

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