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For their cooperation in making this volume possible, we and the student editors of this history wish to thank Principal J. Fred Murphy, Riparian Newspaper Sponsor Carole Riley, the Riparian editors, and the members of our advisory board:
Mrs. K. V. Ammerman
Mrs. Clarence Atkins
Mrs. Frank Atkins
Mr. Henry Atkins
Miss Myrtle Barker
Mrs. Robert Bosson
Mrs. L. W. Brumit
Mrs. Marion Bullock
Mrs. John Robert Byers
Mr. Joe Campbell
Dr. Jack Carr
Mrs. Mable Cobb
Mrs. Elva M. Coil
Mrs. C. M. Dawson
Mrs. Gladys Dawson
Mr. Vernon Earle
Miss Pearl Eller
Mr. George Ferguson
Mr. Roy Harris
Mrs. Edyth Heaton
Mr. Emsley Johnson
Mr. Howard Johnson
Mr. John Kleinhenz
Miss Lyda Lamar
Mrs. Merle Lankford
Mrs. Howard Leitz
Mrs. Adrian McClain
Mrs. L. P. McGehey
Mr. Harley McKenzie
Mrs. Hazel Newby
Mrs. Modessa Bates Parr
Mrs. Art J. Probst
Mrs. Stella Richardson
Miss Dorothy Riker
Mr. Roger Risley
Mr. Albert Simmons
Mr. David Smith
Mr. Ford Smith
Mr. Robert Smith
Mrs. Ross Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Stahl
Mr. Albert Steinmeyer
Mrs. Bertram Teepell
Mr. Hubert Warm
Mrs. Frank Watts
Mr. Louis Whitesell
Mr. R. E. Wiggan

Ruth Marie Griggs,
Director of Publications

J. Raymond Hall,
Junior Historical Society Sponsor

Cover and Forward
1878 Surveyor's Record of Broad Ripple
Chapter One - Coil Starts Settlement
Chapter Two - Ripple Linked To City
Chapter Three - Canal Creates Rivalry
Chapter Four - Villages Start Schools
Chapter Five - Religious Life Grows
Chapter Six - Social Life Develops
Chapter Seven - Canal Villages Thrive
Chapter Eight - Trolleys Aid Travel
Chapter Nine - Farmer Shakes Jail
Chapter Ten - Floods Ravage Town
Chapter Eleven - Park Attracts Visitors
Chapter Twelve - BRHS Joins City
Chapter Twelve - Errata
Chapter Thirteen - City Annexes Village
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